This is by no means the main point of the trip, this is simply a way in which I can give back a little and learn. When I was young(er), My Dad would harp on about how its important to give back, to give service expecting nothing in return. Throughout my trip I will be doing just that:

I am always hunting for different organisations & charities to work with so if you have any suggestions, please hit me up via the Contact.


1. Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick

Sydney Childrens Hospital

I am part of a weekend play program that helps to entertain, distract & inspire young children and their families. I work with an incredible team who give consistently, both with their time and personally. They are simply awesome people who I have learnt a lot from. 

I however mainly enjoy playing  Xbox and making elephants out of Play-Doh.


2. Worldbuilders, Wisconsin


Worldbuilders is a non-profit organisation founded by New York Times Bestselling Author Patrick Rothfuss benefiting Heifer International a global nonprofit which do some amazing work that helps to pull people around the world from destitute poverty. I volunteered with them for a few days and was honoured to hang out with them. Check them out here