The Trip

Sometimes, you just need to get away. Having worked full time, finished university and being the typical Gen Y-er. It felt only appropriate to do the typical thing, be irresponsible and do the following.
1. Fly to the otherside of the world.
2. Buy a motorbike.
3. Plan a loose route. South.
4. Get a haircut.


Needless to say, the numbering above doesn't really represent the correct order of events.... 


What's the route?

After a little back and forth the idea is to fly into Canada, buy a bike and then drive to Deadhorse in Alaska. Proceeding to drive east, criss cross through the Continental United States.  

Then down through Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama until I reach Colombia. 

I am still trying to work out which side of South America to go down, but am currently learning towards the western side through Brazil and crossing over through Paraguay. MAYBE. 


Why not.