So, You're about to finish University, You have spent years, thousands of dollars & many hours studying. You should probably go and get a job.

 These are all perfectly logical, normal thoughts that have been running through my head in the last year or so.  The pressures of people asking the inevitable:

what are you going to do now?

or the ever popular...

How does it feel to be finished?

See the thing is, it actually doesn't feel any different to have finished University. All it feels like is, oh shit. You should probably go and do something with this new fancy bit of paper you have. (apparently making a paper aeroplane isn't the appropriate response.)

So, being perfectly normal, I have decided to eschew normality and am planning a motorbike trip from the tip of Alaska to the bottom of South America.

ps. As I am writing this, there is a couple breaking up opposite me in the cafe, the man is being all strong and talking about life & where he is going, she is just trying not to cry. It's rather intense. He is actually a bit of an arsehole. 

pps. Just chatted to the waitress, she agrees with me and apparently, this is the 2nd time they have had a "chat" in this cafe.