When I tell people that I am going to be doing a trip like this, there are generally 1 of 3 reactions.

1. The-"that's awesome"

This generally comes from people who ride Motorbikes (cue the conversation on what bikegearpannierstentextras.....and ten minutes of  amazing nerding out) and people in their early 20's (who oddly enough go into logistics mode and pick my brain about visas & flights). 


2. The- "That's sounds expensive...."

Interestingly enough, this question never comes directly, but comes in a roundabout way regarding cost of flights, where you are going to sleep, etc. This question almost always comes from my peers who are doing rather well in their profession, the young lawyers, doctors etc, who are starting to climb the corporate ladder. This group of people have far more money than I would hope to (and probably will have for the foreseeable future). It just comes down to life choices I guess. (Below is a picture of how I am perceived by this group of people) 

(Alastair Humphrey's website/Blog is a great place which I have lost a lot of time to & talks about how adventures don't have to cost a lot of money. He was named National Geographics' Adventurer of the Year recently and rode around the world on a bicycle for 3 years.) 


3. The- "You're going to die"

This comes mainly from family & people who I have known for a while. Oddly enough it is often said with a glint in their eye and a small smile. A dear friend sent me this article on Kidnapping as soon as I told her. (The man below accurately depicts this group of people.)