So,  I'm no casanova in terms of the ladies (I'll leave that to my brother) there are a few cool/different places where you can go on a date in Sydney. 


1. The commons (downstairs)

I found this place almost  by mistake, it's easy to miss and you can walk right past it. It's a great place for an intimate night & they have jazz, wednesday & thursday nights. 

Take: Someone who likes music, sandstone & seasonal produce.

Don't Take: That guy/girl you met at a rave. 

Pricing: Reasonable, Cocktails at about $16, Mains from $22+

Open fireplace anyone?

Open fireplace anyone?

2. Harts Yard

This old school American eat-house is brimming with style. A little pricer than most places you might eat in Sydney, but the food & top shelf cocktails are sublime. Try the old school manhattan which has slow cooked bacon as a garnish. 

I found this place almost  by mistake, it's easy to miss and you can walk right past it. It's a great place for an intimate night & they have Jazz, wednesday & thursday nights. 

Take: That model you just picked up and want to impress or the garishly good looking Doctor

Don't Take: Your friends who would rather live off of Ramen noodles, this one could hurt the wallet. 

Pricing: slightly more expensive, but the food is divine. Mains are $22-$35

The poutine will rock your socks.

The poutine will rock your socks.

3. Stinking Bishops

This place has snuck onto the Sydney scene in the last 4 months and is run and owned by Jamie & Kieran, who along with a small but thoughtful wine list serve up some deadly cheese. The macaroni is simply sinful and deserves to be tried before you are rolled off to the hospital. Their homemade black pudding is well worth a try as well.

Take: The down-on-the-dumps friend who needs to try something new and different, jaded foodies who complain Sydney never has anything new or different.

Don't Take:  Vegans. Nuff' said.

Pricing: Cheeses are $20 for 2, $29 for 3 and $36 for 4. Oh, you also get to choose any cheese you want.

Death by Cheese has never looked better

Death by Cheese has never looked better

4. Love Tilly Devine

I must confess that I was introduced to this place on a failed date myself, however, the wine, list. is. stupid. Hidden down a back alley ( it's just past the point where you think you're lost, keep going). This is one of those great small bars where you can just tell your server what you're in the mood for and they will make a delicious glass of something appear (ask for a Riesling). Be prepared though, I am still haunted by a semillon that I can't find anywhere else for love or money. 

Take: The cute girl you met on the bus or the Surf Life Saver to show him you have a bit of culture. 

Don't Take: Recovering Alcoholics. 

Pricing: Glass $14-$26, Bottle the Sky's the limit (it is wine after all).

Wine is Love.  source:

Wine is Love. source:

5. Sushi in Hunter Arcade

I don't have a photo of this place, but if you go into the Hunter arcade off George st, (It's right next to IVY on George st) and on the far side of the arcade is a sushi place, which only seats about 10 people. I was shown this place by a work colleague and have made a pilgrimage at least once a week, because the sushi is that good.

They also have a Japanese street magic show playing on an old TV which adds to the ambience. Enjoy some of the freshest sushi in Sydney while trying to work out exactly how the man hovered in mid air for a minute over some sharks.

Take: The office romance, you suave thing you.

Don't Take: Your Boss. They will end up loving the place and you'll never get your secret spot back.

Pricing:  Bargain, $3.50 a plate.

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