I was talking to my doctor about the immunisations that I wanted & I rattled off the various ones I needed (there were about 5) and he laughed softly, joking about how it sounded like I was doing an around the world trip. I started to explain about my trip and he just sat back and smiled slightly...

Now, I go to the doctor in the heart of the Sydney. Mainly because it is close, always has availability and they bulk bill. It's a tiny little office that is jammed between a cafe that always seemed to be empty on it's right and an ATM that actually takes up half of the office. Despite the curious aroma of coffee and fresh cake that drifts in from next door (which I secretly enjoy) the people there are always helpful and somehow manage to sneak me in at the last minute. 

Now, my doctor has been there for a while (he's about 60 or so), and as he started to inject me with all sorts of substances, (with needles that were far bigger than I remember might I add) he started to reminisce how he used to do batches of injections similar to this 4-5 times a year for people who were going on adventures around the world. 

He paused for a second before my last injection, and looked at me in the eyes and softly mentioned that in the last decade he was lucky if he did one person every year or so. 

I finished up, thanked him, and walked out into the reception area.

It's stuck with me the entire day on why people don't go on as many adventures. Maybe I am just getting one sided views, or don't know that many crazy people (though there are definite exceptions like my friend Ana who went trekking through Afghanistan of all places & my mate Grech who raises money for charities by doing crazy things dressed in a suit (i.e climbing to Everest Base Camp in a 3 piece Suit), seriously, check out what he does here. ) 

But it feels like there is almost too much fear, or worry to try going on an adventure somewhere uncharted. Maybe it's the media or maybe they just don't make them like they used to.

(Michael Whitbread, a fellow traveller helped out with this story a little & will be featured in an upcoming blog post). Watch this space!

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